Scott Howard

I have been in practice for 15+ years and have built a Wellness practice which involves improving the 6 interferences to the nervous system. In addition to improving the lifestyles of my patients, I also use techniques to eliminate the 6 interferences of health which are Structural, Nutritional, Emotional, Detox, Allergies and Electromagnetic interference of the body. I strive to give the best care whether it be minor pains or major chronic problems. I use Applied Kinesiology which helps as a diagnostic tool for all 6 interferences. I also use Detox methods, Rehab and soft tissue therapy. I try to instill health and wellness education to my patients as well as groups outside the office. I speak on topics such as stretching, nutrition, general health facts, toxins and other important related topics that the average person may not have been properly informed about. I enjoy cooking and love to eat good food.