Shelli Thompson, AWC, CAP

Shelli Thompson is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Wellness Counselor and a Certified Panchakarma Technician with a 30-year background in the fitness industry. She is an international trainer and speaker on the subject of health and fitness. Over the years, Shelli has trained and spoken in Oregon, Italy, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida. She is currently writing a book about raising a family Ayurvedically, improving relationships and living a more natural, healthy life, she is writing a cookbook as well. Shelli believes that when Ayurveda and Yoga holds hands with modern medicine, it allows all of us more control over our own health and wellness and it makes us  active participants in our own well-being. When people are actively involved in their own health and they can see and feel the benefits of their efforts, they will most likely keep the healthy habits they have developed.

Events By Shelli Thompson, AWC, CAP

Nutrition Seminar
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You can't fool Mother Nature, she knew what she was doing when she built her pharmacy. Nature speaks to us in many ways, herbs have a special language with our bodies, our bodies understand because the wisdom of nature is kept with the active ingredients not extracted. Ayurveda is subtle,…

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