Snowy Dysember, HHP

Even before hitting her 30s, Snowy was given a gift, one that most don't see as a gift: Lupus, fibromyalgia and cancer pains. Already disabled, she had been diagnosed with a slew of ailments including lupus. She figured there were two choices: fight or give up. With an encouraging friend working under a naturopathic doctor, she decided to give it one last good fight. For over 6 years Snowy had been cancer free! Utilizing natural medicine took a lot of will power, learning and lifestyle changes. Having become knowledgeable in the field of natural medicine as a proactive patient, she decided to take it further. Now she is a holistic health practitioner working on her Doctorate in Natural Medicine. She no longer needs a wheel chair to grocery shop, but a good pair of running shoes instead! Today she lives to the fullest with art and her business, Natural Works. One never knows their success until they try!

Events By Snowy Dysember, HHP