Stephanie Beynon, NMD and Michael Knapp

Dr. Stephanie Beynon NMD.  As a primary care physician, she is able to treat a host of chronic and acute conditions, such as anxiety/depression, skin issues, chronic injury or disease, gastrointestinal issues, immune imbalance, thyroid conditions, migraines, and women's health.  She considers herself a health investigator and places the highest importance on listening, education and empowerment. Dr. Michael Knapp NMD.  As a primary care physician, he uses holistic nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and prescription medications to treat people and not just symptoms. He has an emphasis in helping children with behavior/attention problems; and also treats a wide variety of common complaints, including digestive problems, diabetes, adrenal/thyroid/reproductive hormone imbalances, headaches, autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis.