Tal Cohen

Tal Cohen transformed her life, many years ago, from being an overweight woman with low self-esteem, into a confident, healthy and fit professional woman. Tal is inspiring others to change their lives with her unique step-by-step programs to create healthy and happy lives. Her approach of integrated wellness methods proves to be the real and fundamental way of creating health and fitness that lasts. Her clients find the best inside themselves allowing them to achieve more than they ever thought they could. Part of her programs is teaching healthy cooking. With the approach of making food fun and look at it as play Tal has created some basic concepts and ideas of how to make it fast and healthy. Tal is a single Mom and running her own business and still find the time to make meals at home and eat healthy and be satisfied. Her cooking style derive from different places include her Mediterranean heritage. Leading a healthy lifestyle with her 2 teenage daughters. They know that healthy food is a yummy food, they refuse to eat at the cafeteria at school complaining it give them stomachache and learned that “fast food” is food that prepared fast and on the table fast (in about 15-20 minutes).