Talia Koren

Talia Koren is a Colorado-based meal prep expert and self-taught home cook. She started her blog, Workweek Lunch, in 2016 after her coworkers repeatedly asked her about the healthy lunches she brought to work. Workweek Lunch reaches 50,000 readers per month and over 100,000 people on Instagram across the globe. Talia has been featured in Health.com, Greatist, NBC Health, Prevention, USA Today and more. 

Events By Talia Koren

Cooking Demo
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In this hour-long cooking demo with the meal prep expert behind Workweek Lunch, you'll learn how properly season and cook popular vegan proteins, tempeh and tofu, and pair them with leftover-friendly veggies. You'll also learn how to store and reheat food so your meal prep will stay fresh and flavorful…

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