Terence Rogers

Terence Rogers started his culinary career after graduating with a degree in economics from BSU.  After graduating Terence moved up to Killington, VT to be a ski bum and eventually found his way in a very busy restaurant.  After a few months of thinking he would be fired Terence got the feel of the pace and the kitchen and was hooked. 

After Vermont, Terence returned home to Boston where he worked on The Dining Car with Chef David Harnik, who would stay late and give Terence recipes to work on at home, this is essence was his culinary school.

Wanting to learn more about food, Terence bounced around at a few places including one named top 100 new restaurants the year it opened and eventually found himself hosting pop-up dinners out of his apartment in April 2014.

With the success of the dinners TBD Foods was born as a personal chef and catering service, moving out to Denver in 2016, Terence has brought his passion and love of food to the Rockies

Events By Terence Rogers