Thérèse Buckingham

Thérèse is the co-founder of TimeChop and co-creator of the patent pending connected meal system. She is passionate about clean eating, nature, photography and her family and has  a secret goal to live to 100. She is an avid label reader. Fifteen years ago, feeling awful with constant headaches and a stomach that wouldn’t stop hurting, Thérèse started to keep a food diary. When she felt ill, she noticed she had eaten soy in one form or another; soy lecithin, soybean oil, soy isolate protein…and learned that nearly every processed “food” contained a form of soy. She stopped eating anything that contained a soy ingredient and started to heal. This fueled her budding passion with nutrition and food. Thérèse now has built a list of ingredients to look for when shopping and if a product contains even one it's not considered in her cooking. Eating for “optimum health” has become her mission. Her goal is to help people simplify their cooking and live with vitality through connected meals.

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