Vicki Filz

Vicki Filz, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC WHAT IS A NURSE PRACTITIONER? A Nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced academic achievement and additional experience in medical settings. Most Nurse Practitioners have Master’s degrees in Nursing and have additional clinical experience related to the diagnosis of and treatment of disease. Most Nurse practitioners are trained in general family health care, but can also focus in specialty areas. Nurse Practitioners can have their own practices, as well as work in cooperation with others in the health care profession. The primary job of a Nurse Practitioner is to focus on disease prevention, health maintenance and patient education. A Nurse Practitioner’s role is to: • Take the patient’s history, perform physical exams, and order laboratory tests and procedures • Diagnose, treat, and manage diseases • Prescribe medication, in varying degrees • Coordinate referrals • Perform certain procedures and minor surgeries • Provide patient education and counseling to support healthy lifestyle behaviors • Exercise autonomy and initiative in clinical decision-making Vicki Filz is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing (BSN), from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. She has a Master’s degree in Nursing (MSN) as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) from the University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center and a Post Master’s in Dermatology from the Regis University in Denver. She is Board Certified by the State of Colorado as a Family Nurse Practitioner and has worked as a Nurse for the past 20 years and as a Nurse Practitioner for the past 15 years. Vicki has been working in the field of dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. She has also taught aerobics at Crossroads fitness center as a fitness instructor and has always believed in the necessity of regular exercise for health and fitness. She has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education in the field of Surgery, Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Fitness over the last 19 years and feels this experience has developed her into a well rounded provider. Most recently, Vicki has been certified in the BaleDoneen Method in Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention. When approached by Dr. Feinsinger to help run a Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention Center in Grand Junction, Vicki felt it was the perfect fit. She has since spent considerable time with Dr. Feinsinger in Glenwood Springs learning the management of chronic health conditions and most specifically the prevention of these conditions. She is an advocate of cost effective health care focusing on prevention of disease processes and believes in treating the patient as an individual who deserves specialized care and attention specific to their needs.