Yulia Rirdan

Yulia Rirdan, Nutritional Consultant, Herbalist, Founder of Health From Scratch, LLC and the mother of two beautiful children. I graduated from North American Institute of Medical Herbalism (NAIMH) in Boulder, a school best known for its very strong science based nutritional program in addition to the most thorough herbal education. I finalized my education at the Global College of Natural Medicine. My goal is always to find the root cause of health problems and address that. I believe this to be the only way to return a body to its optimal health. I always try to empower people--with both education and hands-on coaching--to make the necessary shift to become independent in their ability to understand their body and manage their health. I find the subject of insulin resistance to be the most fascinating of all, as insulin resistance is the root cause of many modern life diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and many more.