Sat, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

21 Days to a Healthier You: Kick Sugar Cravings Class

Stop being a szombie (sugar zombie)! Bash those sugar cravings


Ourblood sugar levels throughout the day and over time have a major impact on our health.Fortunately,maintaining healthyblood sugar levelscan be easily achievedthrough our diet, lifestyle,andsupplements. In weektwoofour21 Days toAHealthierYouseries, you will learnthe many waysblood sugar impacts your health and learnthe steps necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. At the end of this class,wellturn education into action by participating in a 7-day challengewhereyoullremove added sugarsfrom your dietto support increased energy, a positive mood,better sleep,andhelp youkiss cravings goodbye!

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