Nutrition Challenge Trail Mix

This good4u NUTRITION CHALLENGE trail mix comes from the freshest, healthiest and most affordable bulk items around without the risk of contamination! If that sounds pretty awesome to you, let’s follow the trail of gluten-free breadcrumbs to see where this journey to Bulk Department greatness began…

PrintBeing the BEST IN BULK starts with Always Affordable prices. This means saving BIG on our new good4u SelectsTM line of bulk nuts, seeds, flours, grains and other delicious snacks and culinary items every time you shop.

Less food waste thanks to our resealable and premeasured packaging. Unlike single-serving packaging you’ll find at convenience stores, our high-quality trail mix and other bulk items are proportioned with YOU in mind—so you can plan ahead and use only what you need and save the rest for later. So whether you’re a family of four or a family of one (sorry, Fido, this trail mix is for humans only), our bulk items offer the most bang for your buck.

Fuss-free, mess-free, and virtually no work for you! Instead of making you do the work of filling up your bulk bags, we prepackage our items in convenient resealable packages for quality control and freshness—eliminating the risk of contamination. No grubby hands in open, shared containers means there’s no risk of cross contamination from other shoppers.

So fresh, it’s cool—literally! We refrigerate our good4u SelectsTM line of bulk nuts, seeds, flours, grains, trail mixes, and other delicious snacks so that we can provide you with the freshest items. When kept refrigerated, your favorite products have an extended shelf life and just plain taste better. No rancid nuts, fats or oils here!

Speaking of oils, our bulk products do not contain any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and are also free from any artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and sulfites.


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