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She walked into a room with an ear-to-ear grin, her earrings twinkling as she moved. She had her arms open long before you got to her, and when she hugged you it was like being embraced by all the goodness in the world, a warm summer’s day and the stars at night... and she would be laughing the whole time. Someone who worked for her once put it this way, “Like the mythical Leo the Lion she was born under, she was a fiercely protective mother lioness. We all ended up in her den, we were her family under her protection.” She lived for celebrations; birthdays, holidays, any occasion to gather family and friends over good food and hearty laughter, and no matter how much time has passed since we last saw that smile, when Mother’s Day comes around, we celebrate her—our mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and grandmother-in-law, Margaret Isely.

Mothers are the beginning of the sentence and the punctuation at the end. They’re the proper grammar throughout, the colorful adjectives, the emotion that makes you remember the story long after you forget the words. The chance to cherish our mothers, to give them a fraction of the nurture they have given us, this is the chance of a lifetime, one that goes far beyond a single day in May.

Our Co-Founder, Margaret, left us a guidebook for nurturing the mothers in our lives. It begins with education. She was a passionate believer in the power of education, and it was learning more about nutrition that changed the course of her life. Ever since then nutrition education has been the heartbeat of Natural Grocers and will continue to define us for as long as you know our name.

We have the highest quality standards in the industry, never compromising something we believe to be unhealthy for an easier route. Margaret’s zeal for knowledge taught us how to identify quality, and it taught us that to choose any less is pointless.

Our commitment to offering the most affordable prices reflects her vision that every mother should be able to afford organic, non-GMO, pasture-raised, junk-free food for her family no matter her income level. And every mother should be empowered with nutrition education so that she can choose and use nutritious foods and supplements to support the health of her family. Margaret loved her community. She wanted to change the world, to make it one giant, healthy community. We carry on that love in every way we can, from nutrition education and affordable pricing to the neighborhood outreach we are proud to be a part of. She was a mother to everyone lucky enough to be in her life, and this was never truer than of her employees. Margaret is the inspiration behind our Birthday Pay and other generous employee benefits. Her spirit lives on in our commitment to our employees, in the fact that this isn’t just a business, it’s a family—a diverse group of people who are united by a love of healthy living and are all in this thing together, because mothers and families are so much more than shared DNA. If she could walk into the room today, her arms would be open to everyone in it and that sparkle in her eye when she laughed would make you feel like you mattered more than anything in the world.

The Isely Family



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