Natural Grocers Brand Organic Frozen Fruit

Who’s ready for the Natural Grocers family to add our name to another fun, good4u food? It’s time to move over “cherry on Natural Grocers Brand Organic Frozen Fruittop,” because we now have Natural Grocers mixed berries on top! So we can get a little cheesy about things when we’re excited, but when you’ve brought home the juiciest frozen berries and mangoes around, excitement is bound to happen. Our frozen fruit has that tangy, spot-on sweet flavor that you’re looking for when it’s in-season fresh. It’s certified organic because we don’t put our name on anything less, and it’s also non-GMO because organic standards make sure that GMOs are left out. There aren’t any extra sweeteners or other junk hiding inside the BPA-free bags, simply fruit that’s loaded with fiber and vitamin C. It’s sourced from a company who gives back to the community and the environment, and it’s the sweetest definition of everything about our family brand—excellence for a family friendly price! Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or mixed, along with heavenly bites of mangoes to boot—it’s summertime anytime in our freezer section. Sure, you can add them to smoothies, but with flavors like these, you’re going to want to do so much more!

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Natural Grocers Grocery Standards

Our shelves are stocked with your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet in mind and priced so your pocketbook can afford them.

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Meet Pebbles the Polar Bear

Pebbles the Polar Bear loves her Arctic home, but she and her friends are worried about the changing climate. One starry evening, they were gathered in her ice den, discussing such matters, when their pal, Moe, showed up with a piping hot triple berry pie. Pebbles asked how such a dessert was possible with no berries in sight. “Simple,” said Moe, “Natural Grocers Organic Frozen Berries—they preserve summer’s fresh flavor and they go anywhere. Plus, organic is better for the planet!” When she heard that, Pebbles knew she must learn more about how organic could help her Arctic home. So, she packed a bag and headed to Natural Grocers. Now, her smiling face can be seen around your neighborhood sharing the sweetest frozen fruit, and a message from her friends: “Ice is nice so please eat organic for the sake of the planet!”