Prentiss, BA, MS

Nutritional Health Coach
Masters of Science in Human Nutrition
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Cheryl earned her Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Bridgeport University, and her bachelor's degree in Sociology and Psychology from University of Hawaii. As a nutrition management professional in private practice, Cheryl has had the opportunity and pleasure of assisting others in finding their individual paths to optimal health and wellness. After leaving her home state of Hawaii for Texas, Cheryl sought to partner with Natural Grocers in their mission to provide nutrition education as their Nutritional Health Coach. “I was drawn to Natural Grocers by their desire to not only provide the highest quality, clean and humane supplements and foods; but, especially because of their focus on providing free nutrition education to our customers and community.  More than ever, achieving optimal health is the foundation to quality and longevity of life. I appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to assist you in your pursuit of better health and I look forward to connecting with you!”