Hatch, PhD

Nutritional Health Coach
DeAnna Hatch
Doctor of Philosophy
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DeAnna Hatch (Dr. Dee) has been part of the health food revolution for more than 30 years – working at the co-op in Durango, CO, when that was the only source of pure foods.  After getting her bachelor’s in chemistry, she went on to get her PhD in Pharmacognosy.  This is the study of the chemistry in a plant, or other natural product, that leads to a biological action.  For example, a pharmacognisist might study what chemistry within Echinacea leads to supporting a healthy immune system.  She worked for seven years on the manufacturing side of the nutritional supplement industry, doing things such as product literature support, quality assurance, and testing protocols.  Dr. Hatch is also certified as a traditional herbalist from the North Carolina School of Natural Healing.She loves being part of the knowledgeable and caring team that represent Natural Grocers.  

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