McLaughlin, CNT

Nutritional Health Coach
Marianne McLaughlin
Certified Nutrition Therapist
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Marianne McLaughlin is a Certified Nutrition Therapist and graduate of The Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. Believing in a holistic approach to nutrition, she utilizes food as therapy, lifestyle coaching and quality supplements to support optimal health. She is the Nutritional Health Coach at the Las Cruces Natural Grocers. Marianne’s passion is spreading the word to people of all ages, on how to maintain vibrant health throughout life. She specializes in custom nutrition programs for people based on their individual lifestyle, biological needs, and personal goals. While working as a nutritionist in a retirement community in Mexico, Marianne successfully counseled people with a wide variety of lifestyle issues, including gastrointestinal issues, blood sugar imbalances, and weight issues. Marianne is an avid yoga practitioner, scuba diver and hiker.