Strong, BS

Nutritional Health Coach
Robyn Strong
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
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Robyn Strong graduated from California State University in Sacramento, California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Food Science. She is a certified EMT and she has been certified as a traditional yoga teacher since 2003. Robyn has worked in wide range of positions in the healthcare field, including weight loss management for under served communities, AIDS outreach, behavioral health, and in providing care for neurologically impaired seniors. Most recently she worked in the supplement department under a naturopath, assisting in the development of supplement protocols for individuals recovering from the poor effects of long-term medication use. With Robyn's thirst for knowledge, her compassion and her strong work ethic, she strives to educate and create a dynamic and effective way to guide individuals to take an active role in achieving optimal health. When not working or teaching yoga, Robyn spends her free time hiking, writing and making art.