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Our Quality Standards

Only Organic & Affordable Produce

We ONLY sell fresh, 100% USDA Organic produce. Unlike the other guys, our commitment means there is no chance of cross-contamination with conventional and its accompanying pesticides and herbicides. Organic! Better for you, the planet, & farmers and, at NG, it’s Always Affordable

Learn more about our Organic Produce Standard

Naturally-raised Meats

Our meats can’t be beat! We’ve taken the mystery out of food quality and only provide our customers with products from animals that are humanely raised—without growth promoters or antibiotics, and diets free of animal by-products. Enjoy high-quality meats without all the bull!

Learn more about our Naturally Raised Meat Standard

Pasture-based Dairy

Now you can indulge in dairy ‘til the cows come home! Do you know that we do not sell products from confinement dairies? Our dairy only comes from animals that had the pleasure of grazing the entire grazing season, resulting in a superior nutritional profile and taste from healthier, happier animals.

Learn more about our Pasture-based Dairy Standard

Fresh, Packaged Bulk

We’re “nuts” about our Bulk Department! Nuts, flours and seeds contain oils that can become rancid when left unrefrigerated. We refrigerate these items to preserve and ensure their freshness, quality and taste—making them more nutritious & delicious for you.

Supplements You Can Trust

We’re as passionate about supplements as we are about your health! All of our dietary supplements undergo close scrutiny for ingredients, good manufacturing practices and label disclosures. We only sell the highest-quality supplements available; your health can depend on it!

Body Care For a Healthy Glow

What you put on your skin, teeth, nails and hair matters as much as what you eat. That’s why we make sure that our Body Care products pass a strict quality evaluation. Always Raising Standards and Always Affordable is our recipe for helping you stay healthy from head to toe!

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