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Our Bulk Department is unusual – we offer you bulk food savings, in already-packaged foods. Instead of making you fill bags from bins, we have the bags already filled, in convenient sizes, so it’s no fuss, no mess and no work for you!

Our every day prices are consistently the best in town, so you save big. We have an extensive selection of items, with over 500 food products, including herbs and spices. We also give you the highest quality bulk foods, packaging new products every week. We take extra steps to ensure the best quality keeping our nuts, seeds, and flours refrigerated for optimum freshness; and offering sanitary pre-packaged bags for your convenience.


Bulk Food Product Standards

  • We source quality products from reliable growers and suppliers and review their quality programs, certifications and certificates of analysis.
  • We do not stock products that contain artificial ingredients, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or sulfites.
  • We package our products in a Certified Organic facility, and while our practices are not 100% allergen-free, we segregate products to ensure as little cross-contamination as possible.

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