Whether you are looking for pasture-raised dairy products, a non-GMO soy tofu, or a delicious dairy alternative, our dairy department has you covered.

Carrying a wide range of pasture-raised dairy products, vegetarian and vegan dairy and meat alternatives, eggs, dairy-based and alternative condiments, our refrigerated shelves are sure to accommodate any shopping list.

Our Dairy Product Standards

In alignment with our founding principles, we have recently enhanced our dairy standards to better ensure we are providing only the highest quality and healthiest products for you, our customers.

Our goal is to impact how the food in this nation is raised and produced by supporting and promoting pasture-based products and the farmers and ranchers who raise them.

  • It is the foundation upon which we build health and vitality
  • It should taste good and entice our senses.
  • It should contribute to our well-being.
  • The way it is grown should be sustainable; supporting the health of farmers, farm workers, farm communities, farm animals and the over-all environment.
  • Animals should be raised humanely and in accordance with their natural biology.
  • We believe that farmers should be provided with markets that allow them to choose pasture-based and biodynamic practices

We work hard every day to pick the best quality foods, both for good health AND for good taste. We do not stock any products with hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. We check ingredients very carefully when we evaluate new products, particularly looking for Organic or Non-GMO ingredient verification whenever possible. While we are not 100% non-GMO, we fully support manufacturers and vendors choosing organic ingredients and/or Non-GMO Project verification, so that you will have many great products to choose from.

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