Happy animals mean high-quality, great-tasting food!

We at Natural Grocers strive to fill our shelves with the highest-quality, greatest-tasting product. This means that we value animal welfare and happy animals. When you purchase meat from our stores, you can be guaranteed that the animal had ample space to express its natural behavior. Also, it was not kept in any sort of cage or confinement system. The animal was fed a vegetarian diet and was not treated with hormones, antibiotics or arsenicals that would promote its weight and cause it undue harm.
What does Natural Grocer’s Naturally Raised Standard actually mean?


Our Naturally Raised Meat Standard

Natural Grocers is committed to the providing only the highest standard of animal protein to our customers. Every store offers a fully grass fed and finished beef product. We insist that the grasses and forage are non-GMO. We also provide every store with poultry that meets our stringent Naturally Raised Standard and we have found a producer that uses non-GMO grains to feed the chickens and turkeys. All of our pork products meet our minimum standard for Naturally Raised and we continue to encourage them to seek non-GMO feed sources for their animals.

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