Dietary Supplement Standards

All of the supplement companies we carry, including our private label products, are required to comply with the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) established by the FDA, which include identity testing for all botanical materials used.

All new dietary supplement products must undergo close scrutiny for efficacy, quality ingredients, good manufacturing practices, and proper label disclosures. We source our supplement products from known, trusted and reliable manufacturers who follow current Good Manufacturing Practices. We follow similar ingredient guidelines for dietary supplements that we follow for food, such as avoiding artificial colors and flavors. We believe that quality ingredients make quality supplements. When you buy from Natural Grocers, you can be assured you are buying the highest quality products available.

For a complete list of ingredients we do not allow in supplements, please read about What We Won’t Sell and Why

Gluten Free

Many dietary supplement lines are now gluten free, look for the gluten free certification on labels or ask any team member for assistance.

Genetically Modified ingredients (GMOs)

GMOs, particularly those derived from soy and corn, are often used as ingredients in dietary supplements. We believe that genetically engineered ingredients are often avoidable. Please help us encourage manufacturers by purchasing non-GMO products. If in doubt, always choose a certified GMO-free product or certified organic product.

Dietary Supplement Advocacy

Natural Grocers has been deeply involved in the public policy debate over access to dietary supplements for 60 years. Margaret Isely, our founder, was a tireless advocate for supplements, and helped shape the current regulations that balance government oversight with the freedom (Margaret would say “responsibility”) to wisely choose what we eat. You can find extensive policy discussion and resources in the Public Policy section.

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