Natural Grocers Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Natural Grocer’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced from Sri Lanka and our supplier is involved in a number of sustainability and Triple Bottom Line (TBL) business practices that make it a unique environmentally and socially responsible company from whom to source our coconut-based products. Below are some brief notes on their operation:


  • Completing Fair Trade USA certification in 2017
    • This means they do not employ child labor (all employees must be 18 or older); team members work 8 hour shifts and do not to exceed 45 hours/week. Team members get a 1 hour lunch break and two 15 min breaks per shift and have an on-site breakroom and cafeteria.  The company also provides gender equality in hiring and promotions, on-the-job training, maternity and paternity leave, safe work environments and transportation is provided in a 10 km radius.  Education and healthcare are free from the government.
  • Hosts a “Helping Hands – Community Outreach” annual event gifting local people with coconut seedlings to grow on their personal farms
  • Contributes monthly to Prithipura, a local orphanage for children with disabilities (
  • Plans to build roughly 100 homes in the community
  • Plans on advancing access to clean water by providing wells for those in the community
  • Kosher certified


  • USDA Organic certified
  • EU Organic certified
  • JAS certified (Japanese Agricultural Standard,
  • No fertilizers/pesticides
  • No deforestation, no primary forests affected, no soil depletion
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) shows zero waste as every part of the coconut and coconut tree is used for a variety of agricultural products. Those not fit for production are used to make animal feed.
  • Natural wildlife is not affected by coconut production (goats and cows eat grass but no other animals are around)
  • Donate to Seacology (Sri Lanka mangrove conservation program,
  • Facility is eco-friendly, environmentally and sustainably designed with Up Flow Anaerobic Floating Filter (UAFF) wastewater treatment system designed by green conservation company (


  • Pay employees much higher wages than country averages (20,000 Rs versus 50,000-100,000 Rs)

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