Dietary Supplement Standards

You have probably noticed that here at Natural Grocers we are passionate about quality—quality in the food we sell, the education we offer, and the customer service we provide. Our grocery, meat, dairy, and produce standards are second to none. This passion for quality also carries over into the thousands of dietary supplements we sell.

Dietary supplements are where it all began for us, and though our selection has grown ten-fold since the early days, every supplement you find on our shelves has been through a rigorous checklist in which our purchasing team scrutinizes everything from raw materials to methods used to test for purity to ensure that the products meet our strict quality standards.

All of the supplements we carry, including our private label products, are also required to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) established by the FDA, which include identity testing for all botanical materials used. We also periodically do independent lab testing on supplements to ensure that the potencies and quality are what are being stated on the labels.

Because we demand so much information from our vendors, we often take longer to add new products to our shelves. This means that you may not find the latest supplement craze or fad in our stores right away, but the ones that you will find are the absolute best you can buy.

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