Organic Produce Standards

In 2015, the USDA approved the first genetically modified apple, the so-called “Arctic Apple.” Its claim to  fame?  It  doesn’t  turn  brown  when  sliced.  It  was  approved  despite  73,000  public  comments  opposing  its commercialization. The good news is that you will never find the Arctic Apple at Natural Grocers. In fact, when you buy your produce from Natural Grocers, you will never have to worry about GMOs or chemical pesticide residues on your produce because we only sell USDA certified organic produce. Never genetically modified, never conventional. Conventional  produce  can  carry  a  number  of  pesticide  residues,  and  while  the  Environmental  Protection Agency  (EPA)  sets  safety  limits  for  individual  pesticides,  they  don’t  consider  the  cumulative  effects  of combined  pesticides  on  human  health.  The  most  recent  data  available  from  the  USDA’s  Pesticide  Data Program  found  17  different  pesticide  residues  on  nectarines;  19  residues  on  celery;  and  25  residues on  peaches.  Broccoli,  green  beans,  and  nectarines  had  residues  that  exceeded  EPA  safe  limits.

Choosing to only sell organic produce was one of our earliest business decisions, one that we like to think has supported the growth of organic growing methods and organic farmers over the years, and has given our customers the freedom to shop for the best and healthiest produce without worry. Just one of the ways that we have been empowering health for 60 years!

Source: USDA Agricultural Marketing Service Pesticide Data Program, Annual Summary 2013.

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