Product Recall Alerts

Posted 03/8/18

Voluntary Recall: Redbarn Dog Chews

Redbarn is recalling several dog chews due to the contamination of Salmonella bacteria. The following UPC’s and lot numbers have been impacted. UPC 785184205006 –Lot No. 205001 UPC 785184207000-Lot No. 207001 UPC 785184209004–Lot No. 209001 Consumption of these products may cause illness.

Posted 01/31/18

Expanded Voluntary Recall: Rapunzel Vegetable Bouillon

Product being recalled: UPC: 7 35037-07300 9 Article No.: 139766 – Brand: Rapunzel – Description: Vegetable Bouillon Cube No Salt OG 2.4 OZ With Best Buy Dates Of: 9/10/2018, 11/12/2018, 12/17/2018, 03/04/2019, 05/23/2019 and 7/22/2019 With Lot Numbers Of: 112075, 113390, 114805, 116205, 118230 and 119631 Reason for withdraw or...

Posted 01/15/18

Voluntary Recall: Oaxaca Mama Salsa

This product recall has been initiated due to bloated product packaging noticed. If this product is consumed, it may cause gastrointestinal problems. There have been no reports of customer complaints, and 3 reported instances of the product’s condition from retail stores. Oaxaca Mama Salsa Mild Salsa:           UPC 89076-07215 all products...

Posted 01/2/18

Voluntary Recall: COYO Chocolate Alternative Yogurt

COYO CHOCOLATE Alternative Yogurt RECALL due to possible health risk regarding bloated containers: With best buy dates of: 01/02/2018 For the 5.3 OZ & 12 OZ sizes With UPC: 797945810350 & UPC: 797945810305

Posted 12/20/17

Voluntary Recall: Bearded Brothers

Bearded Brothers is recalling several 1.52 oz. bars with multiple UPCs, Lot Codes, and Best Before Dates due to mold found on random bars. Noted Effected Bars: UPC 854030005104 UPC 854030005081 UPC 854030005067 UPC 854030005074 UPC 854030005098 Consumption of this product may (but likely will not) cause sickness.

Posted 12/9/17

Recall: Rapunzel no salt added vegetable bouillon

Certain lots of Rapunzel brand – no added salt vegetable bouillon 12/2.4 OZ UPC 7 35037-07300 9 due to an incorrect label. UPC: 7 35037-07300 9 Brand: Rapunzel Description: Vegetable Bouillon Cube No Salt OG 2.4 OZ With best buy dates of: 9/10/2018, 11/12/2018, 12/17/2018, 03/04/2019, 05/23/2019 and 7/22/2019  With lot numbers of: 112075, 113390, 114805,...

Posted 11/2/17

Voluntary Recall: Harmless Harvest Coconut Probiotics

Harmless Harvest:  recall of 11 OZ probiotic drinks with: ‘USE BY’ dates of 03OCT17 thru 21NOV17. UPC: 859078002542 Organic Original 11 OZ 859078002566 Organic Strawberry 11 OZ 859078002702 Organic Blueberries & Acai 11 OZ 859078002719 Organic Mango & Acerola 11 OZ Due to potential contamination with yeast & mold, predominately...

Posted 11/1/17

Voluntary Recall: Woodstock Dark Chocolate Almonds

Woodstock is recalling its 10 OZ Dark Chocolate Almonds with UPC  42563009427 and specific Lot Codes and Best By dates due to possible undeclared milk allergen. People who are allergic to dairy run the risk of a serious or life-threatening reaction if they consume this product.

Posted 10/23/17

Voluntary Recall: Garden of Eatin White Corn Tortilla Chips

Quality assurance completed an investigation on the Garden of Eatin White Corn Tortilla Chips and product in this best by date 03JAN18 was determined to be unacceptable. There is no food safety risk but the oil has gone rancid, impacting the taste of the product. Product: Garden of Eatin - TORTILLA CHIPS WHITE CORN...

Posted 10/23/17

Voluntary Recall: Tres Latin Foods

Tres Latin Foods is recalling the following items due to undeclared milk allergen.  PUPUSA,KALE & PINTO,VEGA; UPC: 854430-002475; Best By date of 6/20/18 & 6/27/18 PUPUSA,BLK BEAN,SWT CORN UPC: 854430-002376 Best By date of 6/19/18 People who are allergic to milk run the risk of a serious or life-threatening reaction...