Meat and Seafood

Welcome to the humane way to omnivore  

Affordable prices, local products, and more variety

Our Meat and Seafood Department is unique in four important ways. First, we only offer selections produced in ways that nurture the health of animals, our communities, and the planet. (For more info click on Meat Standards or Fish and Seafood Standards) Second, our prices make quality affordable. Third, by augmenting our fresh meat set with an extensive variety of frozen meat and seafood, we offer an expansive array of both exotic and traditional products. Four, we don’t do meat or seafood counters. Instead of display counters, with previously frozen products and ambiguous standards, we just have the best selection at the best prices—with transparency, sustainability, accountability, and environmental stewardship as our guiding principles. 

Healthier and Happier Animals • A Healthier and Happier Planet • A Healthier and Happier You




We curate the best selection of humanely raised and sustainably sourced meats, fish, and seafood for all your breakfast, lunch, and dinner creations. If you’re looking for antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats, we have you covered. If you want to go organic all the way, we have you covered. If you are passionate about grass-fed beef and bison, we have you covered. If you want non-GMO salmon and certified sustainable seafood, we have you covered.


Breakfast of champions

In our fresh department, we have a wide selection of organic, antibiotic and growth-promotant free pork and turkey bacons. They are also free from chemical nitrates, artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, and colors. If you have a hankering for breakfast sausage, you will be more than pleased with our frozen selection—pork, chicken, and turkey varieties abound. Hot and spicy to sweet and savory, every last one of them is antibiotic and growth-promotant free with lots of organic options as well. If the perfect breakfast for you is a bagel with smoked salmon, we make sure the salmon is non-GMO and sustainably sourced.   


Lunches to fuel your healthy and active lifestyle

In our fresh department, you will find all the fixings for a delectable triple-decker—smoked turkey breast, black forest ham, and beef pastrami!! We’ve got cooked chicken breast to make that salad a satisfying, complete meal, and multiple hotdog, sausage and brat options to help you think outside the sandwich box. All these choices make lunch planning a snap, and you don’t have to check the labels, as we only sell selections free from antibiotics, added hormones, and growth promotants. Additionally, we know you want to fuel your body with the best, so we keep the other questionable additives out as well, no chemical nitrates, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, or flavors allowed.   


Dinnertime is family time

Your family deserves the best and we make the best affordable. Whether you’re roasting a chicken, making your world-famous pot roast, having a fish fry, or serving up some gourmet burgers for dinner, we’ve got you covered. Our fresh department stocks 100% grass-fed beef raised with care on US family farms. Is it steak night or Taco Tuesday? Perhaps it’s pot roast Sunday or tailgating hotdog and burger time? We’ve got the beef and pork to make it happen. If chicken is your dish, we’ve got organic, non-GMO, free-range whole chickens, thighs, and boneless, skinless chicken breasts, wings, and grinds. From burgers to tacos to chili, you can go traditional with 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken or turkey, sustainably sourced fish, or you can go exotic with shrimp, ostrich, bison, elk, venison, boar, or yak—more variety then you’ll find at most meat counters. Some fresh and some frozen, all humanely raised and sustainably sourced.

Don’t forget the fish! We’ve got salmon, cod, tuna, shrimp, mahi-mahi, rockfish, pollock, sole, and scallops in our frozen set—all non-GMO and sustainably sourced.

Find protein with a purpose when you shop our wide variety and boring will never describe your menu again—unless it’s wild boar you’re after. A healthier tomorrow begins today.


Meet Your Farmer Connect Create a Healthier Future

Unfortunately, we live in a disconnected world. We are especially disconnected from the way our food is produced. This has led to inhumane practices and an industrial, mega-corporation agricultural system that is denigrating our lands, undermining our health and treating animals, agricultural laborers, processing-plant workers, and farmers inhumanely; as if they are just cogs in the wheel of their profitability. This has led to a misunderstanding regarding the role of animal agriculture. Animal agricultural practices have the power to help reverse climate change or continue to contribute to the problem. The first step in changing this dynamic is to learn how our food is produced. Get to know the farmers and ranchers who make a difference every day and are creating change through holistic methods. We can create a healthy future by what we choose to put on our plates. Prioritizing our planet is the way we do food.


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