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One of these mothers will spend $10 million dollars this year to prevent Coloradans from protecting their children from the chemicals in the foods she is paid to promote. The other mom volunteered to explain the potential dangers of GMOs.   Can you tell who's who? Read commentary.       Read Text of Proposition 105 How will Colorado law will be amended? What...

Where will we get reliable local news?   After a long and storied history, the Denver Post has given up. The editorial board no longer balances facts to present cogent arguments for its readers. The editorial board merely stakes an ideological stand supported by illogical claims.   The Post's recent editorial, demanding its remaining readers vote NO on Proposition 105, the GMO...
Posted 1 week 9 hours ago

"There is zero tolerance for GMO contamination in Prop 105, so every farmer will have to purchase two sets of equipment to plant, harvest, process and transport her crops: one for GMO and one for conventional crops." -- Former Colorado Agriculture Commissioner   This is the talking point being used by former Ag Commissioner Don Ament, Colorado Farm Bureau President Don Scawcroft,...
Posted 2 weeks 1 day ago

Reason for withdraw or recall: United Natural Foods, Inc. is voluntarily recalling one retail lot of Applegate Farms Natural Gluten Free Beef Corn Dogs  due to potential temporary exposure to warm temperatures at our Aurora, CO distribution center.   10 oz  Applegate Farms Natural Gluten Free Beef Corn Dogs     UPC#  025317-007214   Use-By Date  ...
Posted 4 weeks 2 hours ago

Reason for withdraw or recall: Organic Prairie regrets to inform you that we are issuing a Voluntary Warehouse Withdrawal for the following product as it does not meet our high quality standards.   Some consumers have reported some tiny bone fragments in the product.     Product Description: Organic Prairie Ground Turkey Chubs UPC Code: 0 93966 00160 0 Package Sizes: 10/12 oz Lot...
Posted 5 weeks 3 days ago