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March 2024 Health Hotline® Magazine Issue 80

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For The Love of Organics: Asparagus

It’s springtime, baby! The flowers are beginning to burst into bloom, the air is warming, and the birds are singing sweetly to usher in a new season. It just so happens that it is also peak asparagus season. Asparagus is no ordinary green veggie—it’s rhizomatic roots can reach over six feet deep (!!) into the soil to draw up a bounty of nutrients. Asparagus shoots grow so quickly that during peak season they require daily harvesting by hand. A veggie well worth all the trouble for its plentiful nutrient profile!

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During these still-cool spring days, creamy soup is a wonderful way to enjoy asparagus. This recipe lightens it up a bit by using homemade cashew cream rather than heavy cream.

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