Body Care Standards

You're a natural. Shouldn't your body care products be just as natural? Welcome to body care that cares back.

Our Body Care Standards are much like the Empire State Building, which was the first building over 100 stories high and the world’s tallest structure for almost 40 years. In fact, we’ve been setting the highest standards for over 60 years, and we’ve been doing it way before it was the thing to do. Unlike the Empire State Building, our standards have continued to grow with the times, meaning that when it comes to quality standards there isn’t a standard within sight that can top us.  

Why do we care so much? It’s this simple — everybody benefits from natural body care products. The animals that don’t get tested on, the global communities receiving the Fair Trade they deserve, the water and habitats that our children’s future depends on, and our own well-being when the toxins aren’t getting piled on. That's why we only partner with companies who are committed to crafting products that deliver results without compromise.

Innovative. Sustainable. Ethical. Transparent.

So, whether you’re looking for an all-natural remedy to combat stubborn acne or searching for a natural deodorant that really works —our cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and personal care products are as clean as they come and do not contain problematic chemicals like parabens, phthalates, talc, aluminum tetrahydroxide, formaldehyde or oxybenzone.

Check out the complete list of Things We Won’t Carry & Why.


Lavender for body careEssential Oils

Perhaps you’re looking for highly concentrated aromatic plant essences? That is, essential oils? We keep premium brands on standby for all your aromatherapy and DIY body care needs. When it comes to essential oils, we know who, how and what matters. We have organic, wildcrafted, sustainable, and most of all we have unadulterated purity because anything less would be non-essential.



Maybe you “woke up like this”, or maybe you’re a master of makeup and like to show off your natural beauty with a cosmetic or two. Makeup is fun, but too much of it is full of toxins that we know you don’t want. We only stock brands that we’ve verified to be free from beauty’s dark side; free from animal testing, petroleum by-products, artificial colors, talc and every other harsh chemical ingredient you’re trying to avoid. We only carry mineral based or plant derived, but there’s no loss of richly pigmented colors, day to night lipsticks or variety in the making of our standards. Now is the time to wake up to some healthy makeup.

Baby CareBaby Care

There’s nothing softer, sweeter or more demanding of pure and gentle attention than baby skin. It’s why we curate a comprehensive collection of baby care products, created with the cleanest of ingredients. No talc, no artificials, no testing on animals. We know you’ll settle for nothing less when it comes to loving the skin your kiddos are in.



Facial Care

Healthy skin is glowing skin is beautiful skin, and we believe it’s your skin, with the right products to support it. When we choose facial care products, we think about every skin type and every age. We don’t think about artificial fragrances, parabens, mineral oils or other harsh chemicals, because we refuse to have them. Anytime. Ever. No exceptions. Your face is your canvas, treat it to the best of the best.

TurmericOrganic and Non-GMO

We live and breathe organic and non-GMO. We believe it’s better for the planet, better for our kids and better for us. It’s why we collect as many certified organic and non-GMO options in our body care department as we can get our hands on, including body wash, facial care, lotions, oral care and baby products. We know how important it is to find something you can trust; just look for the USDA Organic and the Non-GMO Project Verified logos on packaging to find the ones that have been certified.


It’s not just for your grocery list. A growing number of body care products now feature gluten-free certifications. We understand the challenges of leading a gluten-free lifestyle, which is why our stores are expanding their gluten-free body care selections as much as they can. From shampoo to facial care, body wash to lotion — the possibilities are multiplying.

Coconut OilBath and Body Care

It’s the kind of world where relaxation should be taken seriously, and cleanliness should never be a question of more harm than good. That’s why we don’t allow antibacterial agents in our soaps or phthalates in our lotions. We say everyone should be able to afford the luxury of a premium body wash or indulge in a soothing soak at the end of a long day. It’s why we keep our standards impeccable, our prices economical and our options multiple.

Oral Care

Good oral health is an essential component of overall well-being. We know it, you know it, and neither of us thinks that it includes artificial colors or harsh chemicals. From natural fiber toothbrushes to whitening mouthwash, we have everything you need to keep your oral health on point. You may not be able to control what comes out of your family’s mouth, but you can impact what goes into it.

Hair Care

We know how defining hair days can be, bad or good. While you can’t stop the wind from blowing, the rain from pouring or those times when your style just isn’t styling — you can make sure that every product you use on your hair is kind to you and the planet. At our stores, you’ll never find hair products with parabens, phthalates, triclosan, toluene or other toxic ingredients, but you will find shampoos, conditioners, hair colors and styling products to suit any hair type. From the untamed mane to the give-me-volume, baby fine, we have what you need to make every hair day healthy.