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Our Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCs) are your go-to nutrition professionals, equipped with the training and tools to help you reach your health goals. With 164 hours of continuing education required annually, our NHCs are always on the cutting-edge of nutrition science. That's why they are superstars in their field, providing Nutrition Education to help you stay rooted in health. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been several changes pertaining to our in-store NHC services. Please review the following updated information.


Virtual One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Coaching SessionAs part of our deep commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of our customers and Crew, we’ve gone virtual! We still have the same dependable, knowledgeable in-house Nutrition Education Experts, and now they’re available remotely. Schedule a free, 1-hour phone or video coaching session with your NHC today and earn a $5 reward!

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Ask Our Online NHC a Question

Have a burning nutrition question? Looking for clarification about supplements? Send our Nutrition Education Experts your questions and receive a response by email or phone in just a matter of days!

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In-Store Nutrition Classes and Recipe Demos

We wouldn't be America's Nutrition Education Experts without, you guessed it, education! That's why we offer cutting-edge classes, taught by our very own nutrition professionals — our NHCs — and outside experts in the field of nutrition and cooking. From nutrition classes to our signature recipe demos, there's always something new to discover in health and wellness. And, we provide all these amazing learning opportunities for free.

Temporarily Not Available

Invite Us to Speak at Your Next Event

We love to talk about all things health and nutrition related, including regenerative agriculture. Do you have a group interested in kickstarting their healthy weight goals? Does your company have a wellness program that needs a reboot? Does your local senior center want to learn about immune function or brain health? Invite us to speak at your next event for free. It would be our privilege to help EDUCATE, EXCITE, and EMPOWER your organization or group.

Temporarily Not Available
Practitioner Partnerships

Hello, healthcare practitioners! We share a common goal: to help others on their path toward health and wellbeing. We understand the commitment it takes to help every person; but, with a busy practice, it can be hard to provide the multifaceted approach necessary to support every aspect of your patients' health. We can provide that extra support through free, virtual one-on-one coaching sessions. Together, we can support the health of our community.

Temporarily Not Available