Pet Product Standards

They’re a part of the family, our four-legged, furry best friends.

It’s why we subject our pet care products to the same standards that we demand our less furry family members. Our pets deserve real food, high in nutritional value and free of anything that may cause harm. It’s why we carry a variety of tasty options that don’t have common allergens like corn, soy and wheat. Whether your pet thrives on freeze-dried proteins or whole food-based kibble; whether you’re looking for certified organic or responsibly sourced, we have it. Our dog and cat food selections cover all the bases from human grade to grain free to locally made; it’s on our shelves — dry and wet. We haven’t forgotten all those other fun, everyday moments, when a treat is in order either. We have plenty of tail-wagging, meow-inducing goodies to make your pet’s day. We also stock a carefully selected variety of supplements and grooming aids to help your furry family feel and look their best.

Pet Product Standards

Premium quality formulated with science-backed nutritional research is the guiding principle of our standards. We choose only the food, supplements, and grooming products that we believe can add benefit to the well-being of your four-legged family.

Things we DON’T allow:

  • Artificial colors from coal tar dyes are often banned in other countries, due to their toxic potential. They’re also banned from our pet products. See our What We Won't Sell and Why page for more details on artificial colors.
  • Hydrogenated oils aren’t any better for pets than they are for humans, so we keep them out.
  • BHA, BHT, propylene glycol, or other artificial preservatives aren’t posing unnecessary risks to your furry family members, by sneaking into anything in our pet section.

Things we DO require:

  • Ingredient Analysis: authenticity relies on proof, and we require it from all our pet care suppliers, so we know that every product you see on our shelves is what it claims to be.
  • Supplement Standards: all our pet supplements must pass the same stringent quality requirements of our human supplement standards. Check out the specifics here.
  • Grooming Standards: every grooming product in our pet section must meet the high-quality standards we require for our body care products. Check out the details here.

Things we prioritize:

  • Locally (US) sourced ingredients
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Human-grade production facilities
  • Aligned with our human food standards