Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coffee

The aroma is as good as the first time you noticed it, but now it takes you places, and it brings you back. It’s those Sunday NGBP Coffeemornings at your grandparents’ house, as they divided up the comics over steaming mugs of coffee. It’s the beginning of a crisp fall day when you have time to walk in the park and go exploring. It’s faraway places where the coffee berries grow plump beneath tropical mists. It’s a fresh cup of Natural Grocers’ own gourmet coffee, waking up our neighborhood in creamy, citrusy, milk-chocolatey fashion. It comes in BPA-free bags, certified organic and fair trade, from an employee-owned company who have the same enthusiasm for taking care of their neighbors as they do for making great coffee. It’s six delicious varieties from classic blends like French Roast and Breakfast to single-origin beans. It’s your new daily habit at a price so good that it won’t hurt your budget. Gramps and gram may have had better comics, but we have better coffee… and now you’re old enough to try it!

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Natural Grocers Brand Organic Sumatra Coffee, 10 OZ
Natural Grocers Brand Organic Nicaragua Coffee, 10 OZ
Natural Grocers Brand Organic Guatemala Coffee, 10 OZ
Natural Grocers Brand Organic House Blend Decaf Coffee, 10 OZ
Natural Grocers Brand Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee, 10 OZ
Natural Grocers Brand Organic French Roast Coffee, 10 OZ


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Meet Lydia the Llama

Lydia the Llama

Lydia, the Llama, sees extraordinary places in her travels, but her favorite moments are those that remind her of growing up in the mountains. There was a crackling fire, a fresh pot of coffee and stories because her grandfather believed that a good cup of coffee draws the finest fictions from the shadows. On Lydia’s quest to gather tales from around the globe, she was always searching for coffee that reminded her of home. Then one snowy morning in Denver, Colorado, she happened upon a steaming mug of Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coffee. As she savored it, she recalled her grandfather’s favorite line: “The best stories hide in unexpected places,” and she knew she had found her perfect cuppa. Now, she carries the magic of fair-trade, organic coffee to every Natural Grocers neighborhood, and watches the stories come alive.