Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Cheese

Natural Grocers Brand Organic CheeseHow do you say cheese? On a platter? In a homemade lasagna? Grilled with tomatoes? A quesadilla perhaps? There are hundreds of ways to say cheese, pretty-please, but if it’s Natural Grocers cheese you’re talking about, certain things must be true before we bring it to the neighborhood. The standards that put our cheese on a platter of its own are an unparalleled union of quality and price. Our cheese is pasture-based and certified organic, without a hormone or antibiotic to be found. Each bite is silky smooth with nothing artificial to smother its natural flavor and color. When it comes to rennet, we use an organic-approved alternative to the animal kind. When it comes to the planet, our cheese-making partners excel at recirculating water and recycling cardboard. Havarti Slices or Parmesan Shreds, Mexican Blend or Sharp Cheddar—we have all your favorite ways to say, “cheese.”  Now smile for the camera, it’s time to party because Natural Grocers just put its name on the best cheese in town.  


Natural Grocers Grocery Standards

Our shelves are stocked with your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet in mind and priced so your pocketbook can afford them.

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Meet Cassie the CowCassie the Cow

One evening in the barn, Cassie the Cow heard the tiniest sneeze. Glancing around, she spotted a mouse shivering in the shadows. He had traveled in on a load of hay, he told her, because he was looking for Natural Grocers Brand Organic Cheese. “I’ve seen where most conventional cheese comes from, and it’s a dark place,” he squeaked. “Then, I heard about cheese made from the milk of cows who thrive on sunlit pastures, and I’ve been searching for it ever since.” Cassie knew she must help him find this extraordinary cheese, so she said goodbye to her pals, and they set off on their quest. Finally, they reached an organic pasture where a jolly bunch of cows invited them to stop and share their feast. Since then, Cassie has been busy keeping it grassy and spreading the Natural Grocers story across the land. As for the mouse, he’s busy enjoying cheese-topia.