Natural Grocers Brand Organic Applesauce

Natural Grocers Brand Organic ApplesauceWe’re feeling extra saucy at Natural Grocers these days because we’ve done it again—wrapped our name around something delicious! Every spoonful of our Natural Grocers Brand Applesauce explodes with the crisp, juicy sweetness of fresh-picked fruit. It’s made from organic, U.S.-grown apples and nothing else—no added sugar, artificial junk, or GMOs. It’s created using solar power and produced with zero apple waste because every piece gets used in something. Whether it’s an after-school snack or your favorite “secret ingredient”—Natural Grocers Brand Applesauce gets an A+ from the orchard to your taste buds!

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Organic Applesauce, 24 OZ
Organic Applesauce Cups, 6-4 OZ


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Meet Shannon the SheepHarold the Horse

She loved the farm where she grew up, but more than anything—Shannon the Sheep loved the organic apple orchard beside it. The apples were delicious, and the sunlight filtering through the leaves was so delightful. One morning, the farm was abuzz with excitement. Big things were happening in the orchard—such was the word from the gossipy ram who repeated everything he heard. The trio of ewes, who always questioned his stories, shook their heads in bemusement, but Shannon's curiosity got the best of her. She snuck up beside him when no one was looking and asked what was happening. "Natural Grocers Brand Organic Apple Sauce," he whispered mysteriously, and Shannon wandered off to investigate further. She soon discovered how the apples from her orchard are being turned into deliciously smooth organic applesauce, and not a piece of fruit is wasted in the process. Now Shannon has a new favorite hobby. She wanders Natural Grocer’s neighborhoods telling folks about our Organic Apple Sauce while sharing this wisdom—less waste is in good taste!