Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Wood Fired Pizza

It’s a dish of legends—some say it’s named for a queen, and now your favorite good4uSM brand has our name on one too. Meet Natural Grocers Brand Margherita Pizza! We also have Three Cheese, Spinach Ricotta, and Roasted Vegetable, and if vegan is your thing—our Vegan Roasted Veg is calling your name! If you prefer to top your own—try our gourmet crust and make it easy.

Wood Fried PizzaHand crafted in Italy, Natural Grocers Brand Pizza brings the woodfired flavor of a Neapolitan Pizzeria to the comfort of your kitchen in less than fifteen minutes. With hand-stretched crusts and a sauce made of Italian tomatoes, they’re certified organic, naturally non-GMO, and sustainably packed in recycled materials. The freezer aisle has never seen pizza like this—we think it’s fit for a queen or anyone you wish to impress. P.S. You count.

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It's a Bear-y good pizza!Bianca the Bear

For a bear named Bianca, the living is good, especially when she’s serving delicious, organic food to the neighborhood. Her favorite dish of all time, because it tastes so divine, is Natural Grocers Brand Pizza, especially the Margherita! If you ask her what makes it the best, just beware—she may never give it a rest. Her list is so long she’s even turned it into a song, which goes something like this:. “Wood-fired and hand-stretched, ooh la la there’s nothing that cheers me up better when I’m feeling under the weather. And hey, don’t panic—of course, it’s organic, but most importantly—it’s made sustainably. For every tree used, two more are planted, and my forest home is never taken for granted.” Now she hopes you’ll invite her over for dinner, and she’ll bring the entrée that’s always a winner. So, call your friends and get ready to eats-a, because Bianca, the bear, has your new go-to pizza! 

Check Out our Selection of Natural Grocers Brand Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

If classic comfort foods tend to be like a slap in the face of cravings when you’re gluten free—pizza tops the list, right?!? Now you can slap back with Natural Grocers Brand Gluten-Free Pizza Dough & Pizza Crust—returning everyone’s favorite comfort food to our GF people!

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