Natural Grocers Brand Rocky Mountain Spring Water

Natural Grocers Brand Spring Water

Thirsty? Up your drinking game with the most popular thirst-quencher on the planet—but better! Yes, we're talking about water—the most pristine and sustainable water ever to come in a bottle. Our Rocky Mountain Spring Water is collected through a gravity-fed system requiring zero energy—no electrical pumps needed, and it's bottled at the source! It's packaged in aluminum (with BPA-free liners) because aluminum, unlike plastic, is infinitely recyclable. Our partners use only 1% of the spring, and they contribute to 1% for the Planet®, too, supporting environmental causes like cleaning up ocean plastic. It's naturally alkaline (+/- 8.5pH), and exceptionally delicious, thanks to the earth-infused electrolytes and minerals. Plus, it has no added fluoride, and the bottles can be reused until your next trip to buy more! Demolish your thirst in a refreshingly sustainable way!

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Hazel the Heron

Down by the marsh, where the folks are never harsh, lives a very tall bird who loves to solve the Sunday crossword. Her family is of the Great Blue variety—herons of some notoriety, thanks to the six-foot wingspan typical of their clan. Our feathered friend is named Hazel, and she's recognized in the wetlands for her shrewd appraisal of the places that are worthy of quenching your thirst-y. That's how she came to know that Natural Grocers is the place to go when you need delicious hydration, with a mind for conservation. Our water is naturally alkaline and comes from a Rocky Mountain spring so divine, plus it's gravity fed, you see, bottled at the source, using zero energy. Not to mention, the aluminum bottles, as Hazel will tell you, are several times reusable and infinitely recyclable. So, look no further when you need a refresher than Natural Grocers Brand Rocky Mountain Spring Water, and whether you bring home one bottle or ten—Hazel the Heron can't wait to call you her friend!