Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Have you heard how coconuts spread around the world? It’s by way of the sea! They float on ocean currents, washing up on faraway shores where the seeds become new coconut palms in time.

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilWhile we love the whimsy of the coconut’s journey throughout the tropics, we didn’t leave anything to the currents of chance when choosing Natural Grocers Brand Coconut Oil. We know exactly where it comes from and why! Ours is Certified Organic and originates on the island of Sri Lanka. Each creamy spoonful smells like a tropical vacation because it’s never deodorized, bleached, or refined, just expeller-pressed to preserve its aromatic and nutritional qualities.

Our community-minded partners provide school supplies for local kids and help train farmers in best organic practices. And they’re committed to fair wages and better benefits for their workers. Natural Grocers Brand Coconut Oil is made with methods that benefit people and the planet because we know where it came from is as important as where it’s going—home with you!

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Meet Tara The TigerMeet Tara

Whenever she hears the word “coconut,” Tara the Tiger begins to strut because she loves to give everyone she meets the scoop on this deliciously exceptional drupe! She’ll tell you that its oil is the secret to her shiny coat—a thing of beauty about which she likes to gloat. And, when it comes time to make a nutritious dinner—this ingredient, she declares, is always a winner.

But it’s the one she represents for the Natural Grocers Brand that Tara believes is the finest in the land. You see, our coconut oil is extra virgin and unrefined, and it’s also the certified organic kind. And we source it from folks who try and follow the golden rule by helping local farmers and kids in school. These are some reasons it isn’t in jest when this chatty cat tells you Natural Grocers Brand is the best! So go on and get yourself some oil of coconut, and let’s see if you don’t begin to strut!

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