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Natural Grocers® Brand Canned Seafood

School lunches, work lunches, picnic lunches—Natural Grocers Brand Canned Seafood is here for lunch! This tasty, convenient, Always Affordable selection of proteins is Non-GMO Project Verified, wild caught, and sustainably sourced. Our vendor partners with small-scale fisheries, using practices that protect juvenile fish and unintended species from harvest. And red-listed species on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch are never used—because lunch should be good4u and the planet too!

Natural Grocers® Brand Canned SeafoodOur Albacore and Skipjack tuna is 100% pole & line wild caught because it’s better for marine life and has lower mercury levels than conventionally caught tuna. Mix it up with your favorite tuna-complementing ingredients and enjoy a nutrient-dense serving of vitamin D.

P.S. – Natural Grocers Brand Canned Seafood isn’t limited to lunch—it’s great for snacking, yummy appetizers, and crowd-pleasing dinner entrees too. Just sayin. 

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Natural Grocers Brand

Wild Albacore Chunk White Tuna

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Natural Grocers Brand

Wild Skipjack Chunk White Tuna

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Natural Grocers Fish & Seafood Standards

Our shelves are stocked with your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet in mind and priced so your pocketbook can afford them.

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Babs & Bill the penguinsLove & Seafood

Whenever the Natural Grocers Brand clan is chilling out—swapping jokes and hanging about, folks beg for the story of Babs & Bill—a pair of penguins with a romance to thrill. These feathered sweethearts love to tell of the exact moment that Penguin Bill fell—shiny black head right over webbed feet, for the most enchanting bird on the metaphorical street.

He spotted her once on a faraway shore, and the twinkle in her eye made his heart soar. So, he began searching for the perfect stone with which he could make his interest known because this is what penguins often do for a delightful bird they wish to woo. Then he straightened his feathers and turned on his charm—handed it to her and said, “can we keep each other warm? Can we go adventuring across the sea and have a lot of laughs—just you and me?” Babs at first giggled and then said—"yes, please, I’d love to sail off with you at the whim of the breeze. But right now, I’m quite famished, so be a gentle-man—and do share what you have in that cute little can.” And that, friends, is how Natural Grocers Brand Canned Seafood started the greatest love story this clan has ever seen.