Natural Grocers Brand Organic Maple Syrup

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Maple SyrupWhat is thick, rich and heavenly on French toast? Adores cold climates, world class hockey teams, and nutritious lifestyle habits? We adore organic maple syrup, so we searched deep in the north woods for the perfect bucket full. We knew it was the one, the moment we tasted its dark, robust drops, with a strength of flavor like no other syrup class. It doesn’t quit after breakfast either—it’s splendid for glazing, grilling, and baking, too. Now we’re bringing it home in BPA-free containers, certified organic and naturally non-GMO. Drizzle some over your pork or pancakes… you’ll see. There’s finally a world-class, organic grade A dark maple syrup, with a house brand kind of price. 

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Meet Magnus the Moose

EMagnusver since Magnus the Moose was a young calf, the aroma of sugaring season and the crunch of snow underfoot have been his favorite things. Growing up deep in the Northwoods near a sugar maple farm, he made friends with the farmer’s son, Billy. Magnus could hardly believe his large moose ears when Billy first told him what became of the sap from the maple trees. He described stacks of pancakes with syrup dripping down them and waffles holding puddles of sweetness in their squares. “It’s called Natural Grocers Brand Organic, Grade A Dark Maple Syrup,” Billy said, inviting him for breakfast to experience it himself. After one bite, Magnus knew what he wanted to do. Now, he brings the delight of Natural Grocers Syrup to families everywhere, because is there anything as sweet as 100% pure maple syrup? Magnus says there isn’t.