Natural Grocers® Brand Jarred Olives

Natural Grocers Brand Jarred Olives

How does a cheeseboard stand out from the crowd? With Natural Grocers Brand Greek Olives! The same goes for tapenade, crostini, and baked chicken, but only if you keep a secret stash because they’re always a popular snack. Featuring Kalamata, Green, and Garlic Stuffed—they’re Certified Organic, naturally non-GMO, free of artificial additives, and full of authentic Mediterranean flavor. Our vendor partner shares our values for people and the planet, prioritizing things like waste-water management, renewable electricity, and labor rights. And that’s how Natural Grocers Brand Greek Olives truly stand out from the crowd. As the buttery goodness lingers on your taste buds, remember—they come from a place that aims to do as good by the planet as they taste.

Chloe the ChameleonMeet Chloe the Chameleon

In a faraway grove of olive trees, Chloe the Chameleon chased after the breeze and stolen nibbles of feta cheese. Still, this young lizard longed for vacation—she wanted to visit a distant nation, so she devised a plan that was very tricky, thanks to her tail which is really quite grippy. She wrapped it around a jar of Kalamata which is how she ended up in the state of Colorado. That jar, as it happens, was headed for our store, and Chloe was delighted, so she stayed on for more. Now she scampers about telling everyone she sees how Natural Grocers Brand Olives come from her homeland of Greece and how they’re Certified Organic, made with less waste, and also with electricity that’s renewably based. So, go on and invite Chloe over for lunch; she’ll brighten your meal and drink all your punch—just open a window and let in some breezes while keeping a sharp eye on your feta cheeses.