Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coconut Milk

reSnow white mounds of fluffy cream tantalize your taste buds. You plop a spoonful into your coffee, and as you savor it slowly, you can’t believe it’s not dairy. Your morning indulgence is Natural Grocers Coconut Cream, chilled and whipped into a velvety treat that even a dairy lover will crave, and that’s just one way our canned coconut products will make your day more delicious! The clean, rich taste is from young Thai coconuts, chosen for their vibrant flavor. The full-bodied, creamy texture will deliver excellence to all your favorite recipes, with less separation between water and fat thanks to a super homogenization process. They’re certified organic, which is also non-GMO, because that’s a MUST for our brand, along with being artificial free and produced by companies who excel at environmental and social responsibility. Every silky spoonful is vegan-friendly, and there aren’t any added sweeteners in the recyclable, BPA-free cans. Come experience this cream of the crop selection for yourself. We know you’ll want it in time for tomorrow’s morning coffee, and there’s a variety to suit every mug, whether Original, Lite or Cream is your thing.


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Meet Mali the Monkey


Mali the Monkey

Napping on Thai beaches was everyday life for a monkey called Mali, but occasionally even paradise gets boring. So, one morning he hopped into a passing farm truck, and when it stopped, he found himself in an organic coconut grove. It was a vibrant place filled with a greater variety of plants and animals than he had ever seen before, and he wanted to know its purpose. After making friends with the local monkeys, he learned that these coconuts make the creamiest, Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coconut Milks around. Mali never returned to relaxing on beaches after that. He’s having too much fun traveling the world and introducing home chefs to their new favorite ingredient. He especially enjoys convincing folks that sometimes a little mischief is better than a lot of naps.