Natural Grocers Brand Organic Tortilla Chips

NGBP Organic Tortilla ChipsOur organic tortilla chips have that “can’t-stop-eating-them” texture. With just right thickness, reliable crispness and the stone-ground flavor of old family recipes, they’re all we ever wanted in a triangle kind of chip. Certified organic corn means they’re naturally non-GMO, which is hard to come by in a world where genetically modified corn is everywhere. Minimal ingredients with a dash of sea salt, lets them fulfill their tortilla chip destiny, making everything you pair them with shine. We have blue for artsy, adventurous nights--begging for a side of green chili. Yellow is for everyday good times, for queso and salsa and all kinds of dips. White is mild and clean, for those moments where you desire a perfectly subtle delivery of your culinary masterpiece. They’re inherently gluten free and vegan-friendly, created by a family who has been caring about quality and community as long as we have. Just be careful once you open a bag because you might not be able to stop.

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Meet Desmond the DonkeyDesmond the Donkey

Two memories define Desmond the Donkey’s youth—the aroma of stoneground corn as his grandmother cooked and her stories. His favorite tales were about his grandfather, who starred in old western movies, and when he grew up, Des set off for Los Angeles to follow in his footsteps. He soon realized that such a large city could be lonely, and homesickness overtook him. Until one day he smelled something that brought him back to childhood—the distinctive scent of stone-ground corn. He followed his nose and discovered a family kitchen where they turned the ground corn into the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted—Natural Grocers Brand Organic Tortilla Chips. Lately, Des has found a role that suits him much better than Hollywood stardom—telling folks that having fun and eating chips is the best way to get through life’s little dips.