Natural Grocers® Brand Balsamic Vinegar

Natural Grocers Brand Balsamic VinegarNatural Grocers Brand Olive Oil went looking for love and found it—in our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena! This Italian vinegar hails from a region known for centuries of craftsmanship and the excellence of its vinegar cellars. Perfectly aged, Certified Organic and naturally non-GMO—it’s made without caramel color or additives and bears the Protected Geographical Indication seal of authenticity. Our vendor partner gives 2% of their annual profits to support local organizations, especially those focused on environmental fragility, and it sets annually measured sustainability targets. A premium-quality culinary staple, minus the premium price—pair Natural Grocers Brand Balsamic Vinegar with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and bliss out over a Caprese salad, like we are right now.

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Natural Grocers Brand Organic Balsamic Vinegar     16.9 oz


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Bertrand the BirdieBertrand the Birdie used to be shy, but now he’s a very gregarious guy. He’s known in these parts as a bird of the arts who loves to host galas and whip up paellas. And, he especially adores dishing out advice on securing the finer things in life at an Always Affordable℠ Price. We call him Budgeting Bertrand, and he’s the guy you must befriend if your palate seeks sophistication while your wallet is trying to adjust for inflation. He’ll show you the goodies you don’t want to miss, like Natural Grocers Brand Balsamic Vinegar bliss. It’s an Italian specialty from Modena, where the vinegar craft is widely acclaimed-a. It’s also Certified Organic and non-GMO, and when it comes to added caramel color—that’s a big N-O! So, whether you wish to concoct a tasty vinaigrette or a savory sandwich with a crusty baguette—Bertrand the Birdie will point the way to the finest ingredients that will make your day.