Natural Grocers® Brand Regeneratively Grown Organic Eggs

They say, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” But we think you’ll always want to put Natural Grocers Brand Regeneratively Grown Organic Eggs in your basket! We are the first national grocery chain to offer Regenerative Certified Organic Pasture-Raised and Organic Free-Range eggs in a private-label brand. Why? Because what’s best for the hen is best for the planet! Regenerative farming practices improve soil health, water quality, biodiversity, and ecosystem resilience while enhancing the lives of animals and farmers and the nutrient content of your food.

Natural Grocers® Brand Regeneratively Grown™ Organic EggsIn our supplier’s “chicken-first system,” the birds enjoy acres of rangeland on which to engage in their natural behaviors. And while the hens are being their happy selves, turning over soil, eating pesky insects, and adding fertilizer—they’re also helping to increase soil carbon sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide! The results are measurable, which is why the Regeneratively Grown verification matters—using a scientifically rigorous process, soil health and the effectiveness of regenerative farm practices can be tracked and progressed.

In addition to Regenerative and Organic certifications, our eggs are American Humane Certified, too—third-party proof of how our partner farmers treat their flocks. Want to do your part for the planet? Why not start with breakfast and a basketful of Natural Grocers Brand Regeneratively Grown Organic Eggs?!

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    Natural Grocers Egg Standards

    Our shelves are stocked with your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet in mind and priced so your pocketbook can afford them.


    Outdoor Space Requirements for Natural Grocers’ Brand Regenerative Eggs:

    • Pasture-Raised—Natural Grocers Gold Standard: 108.9 SQ FT per bird, 50 acres minimum per flock.
    • Free-Range—Natural Grocers Silver Standard: 21.8 SQ FT per bird, 10 acres minimum per flock.


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    Harmony and Hope the HensMeet Harmony and Hope

    Howdy neighbors, we'd love to introduce you to the friendliest fowl in our Natural Grocers Brand crew! Harmony and Hope are two adventurous hens who also happen to be the best of friends. Now we'll let them tell you in their very own words about their lives as free-ranging and pasture-raised birds!

    First and most importantly, we don't reside in overcrowded barns—instead, we live on regenerative farms!

    And we love to engage in our natural behaviors as we roam freely about on acres and acres.

    Pasturing is vital for being our healthiest selves, and it brings more nutritious eggs to your grocery store shelves!

    We adore scratching because we're curious types, and when we have all day to explore this way—we have fewer in-flock gripes! 

    Of course, there are many reasons to bathe in the dust—for cooling down, cleaning feathers, and having fun—it's a must!

    We speak a unique chicken language and love to socialize, and when we feel safe with lots of space—we become each other's better allies!

    We're thrilled to say our farmers never leave us in the lurch when it's time to find our new favorite perch!

    Finally, friends—not to sound cocky (that's for roosters), but our eggs are quite simply the best on the blocky!