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No Time To Make Dinner? Natural Grocers Brand Has You Covered!

Cuisine punctuated with the bright flavor of sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and garlic—can you tell we’re craving a taste of the Mediterranean at Natural Grocers? So, we headed (metaphorically) to that region of the world, and in Italy, we hit the jackpot— more specifically, we found the tastiest side dish you can prepare in under 10 minutes! Natural Grocers Organic Frozen Sides are steam-in-bag ready, quinoa-based combos, with Vegan and Gluten-Free selections.

And, that’s not the end of this delicious story. We have Organic Spiral Veggies, and Non-GMO Project Verified Risottos and Tri-Colored Gnocchi. They go from freezer to skillet to plate in barely more time than you spent reading this. Just have a clean spork at hand.

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Meet Fredo & FrancieMeet Fredo & Francie

In the sun-drenched hills of Italy lived a pair of ferrets, rather unadventurously. Until one day, they woke up from napping to the sound of very thunderous clapping. So, Fredo and Francie, as these mammals were called, went in search of the reason their snoring was stalled. The applause they soon learned was for a flavorful side, with an exceptional atmosphere of pride—it can be steamed in its bag, in the microwave, and served up for dinner with so much time saved! That was the day these ferrets found out what Natural Grocers Brand Frozen Sides are all about, and they followed our trail across the sea to become a part of our family. Now they cartwheel around the neighborhood telling folks about our Quinoa Quartet that’s oh-so-good. They sing the praises of Mushroom Risotto that’s creamy and savory and non-GMO. And, sometimes they ask—do you know what rhymes with ferrets? Natural Grocers Brand Organic Spiral Carrots!