Things We Won’t Carry and Why

Quality matters when it comes to your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet, so we make sure the highest-quality products are affordable. We’ve been doing this since 1955. It’s the reason Natural Grocers was founded.

Nothing impacts our health more than the food we eat, the supplements we take and the body care products we use every day. The way they are grown, produced and processed, what they contain, how they are packaged and what is added to them has a fundamental impact on our health and the wellbeing of our communities.


In 1990—back before it became the thing to do—we put together a dynamic list (one that has been growing ever since) of the most problematic ingredients and explain why we won’t carry them. We use this ever-evolving list to screen the products we carry, so you don’t have to worry. Only the best, highest-quality products end up on our shelves, in your grocery cart, and on your table.

Currently, there are thousands of artificial chemicals and additives that are allowed to be added to our food and more being approved every day. The list below does not list every single ingredient that we do not carry. However, you can be assured that we screen for all problematic ingredients and do not allow them, even ones you might not see listed here. If they are problematic, you will most likely not find them in the products on our shelves. The why explanations below are only on the most problematic ingredients and those most prevalently found in foods.

Our quality standards experts keep up on the latest research and meet regularly to consider product issues and concerns and to review specific ingredients, resulting in on-going modifications to this list. There is always one constant within the changes made to the list, our commitment to quality. We will never compromise our commitment to the quality of the products we provide to our communities.

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Vitamins & Supplements

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Beer & Wine and Pet Products - More Information Coming Soon