Natural Grocers Brand Organic Gluten-Free Pasta

GF PastaIt’s past-a the time for you to taste the best gluten-free Fettuccine, Fusilli, and Spaghetti in the neighborhood! How can we claim such greatness? Because Natural Grocers Brand Gluten-Free Pasta comes from Italy, the place where the legend began. Artisan crafted, the Italian way—the secret to our pasta isn’t in the sauce. It’s in pasta that holds onto the sauce! Made of locally-sourced (in Italy) white rice and quinoa flours, mixed with water from Italian mountain springs, our pasta is also Certified Gluten Free and Organic (which is naturally non-GMO). Did we mention we have Penne Rigate and Elbows too? And here’s another impressive fact you should know—the company that makes it is woman owned! Don’t let this deliciousness sneak past-a your family’s menu any longer! 
P.S. Pasta puns are impast-able to avoid—we hope they help you past-a the time.  

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Meet Quigley the Quokka


We have a new member in the Natural Grocers Brand fam, we're excited to say, and Quigley the Quokka will make your day! This mischievous marsupial is bursting with mirth—her clan, after all, are "the happiest animals on earth." She adores taking naps and climbing trees, and she loves eating pasta with parmesan cheese. For all our neighbors, she has one simple wish—that you promise to try her favorite dish. Fettuccine, Fusilli, Spaghetti Bolognese—she says take your pick, but listen carefully, because here's the trick. Regular old Penne makes Quigley feel unwell since she's allergic to gluten—it gives her a spell. But Natural Grocers Brand Pasta is Certified Gluten Free and let me tell you— it's as tasty as can be. Of course, it's organic and non-GMO, and here's the extra cool thing Quigley wants you to know—the company that makes it is women owned. Now, she says go ahead—make your family the happiest on the block, because pasta night Natural Grocers-style will rock!