Natural Grocers Brand Organic Canned Beans and Vegetables

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Canned Beans and VegetablesWhat’s a secret weapon no home chef should be without? A pantry stocked with exceptional quality canned goods, so you “can” transform an ordinary meal into a gourmet moment—even when you don’t have the time to start from scratch. We understand those occasions, and we know exactly what is required to deliver excellence, as quickly as you can find the can opener. Our canned beans, pumpkin, and veggies are 100% organic, non-GMO, junk free, and loaded with flavor. Our line of Natural Grocers Brand Organic Canned Beans and Veggies are the most sustainably produced around. They take care of water; 98% of it is re-used. They have a closed-loop recycling system and natural gas trucking. They give back to the community through scholarships, education, and food donations. When you use Natural Grocers Brand Products you’re getting quality and conscience at the best price in town.

Natural Grocers Grocery Standards

Our shelves are stocked with your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet in mind and priced so your pocketbook can afford them.

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Meet Hattie the Hedgehog & Gaston the GroundhogHattie and Gaston

Once upon an organic garden hedge, Gaston the Groundhog and a Hedgehog named Hattie bumped heads. Both were startled as each assumed they were poking about alone. After recovering from their fright, they grinned at one another, sensing a kindred spirit. Introductions followed, and the legendary friendship between Hattie and Gaston began. One afternoon, they were playing hide-and-seek in their local pumpkin patch when they overheard talk of Natural Grocers Brand Organic Canned Pumpkin. They both adore pumpkin pie, so they set off for the nearest store to find out more. When they discovered Natural Grocers Brand Organic Canned Beans and Veggies too, their mouths watered for their other favorite food—savory bean soup. Now, this legendary pair is spreading deliciousness to kitchens everywhere, and reminding us along the way that we’re never too old to get outside and play!